10 Drugs With Negative Side Effects

Addiction is the most obvious and most commonly-cited side effect of drug use. But drugs can create a lot more problems than just dependency. And for a lot of drugs, it can take just one use to give you a negative side effect. Here are some of the side ...

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going In For Gastric Bypass Surgery

Being obese has serious health impacts. Those who are 100 pounds above their ideal body weight are considered to be morbidly obese, which carries grave consequences. The repercussions include increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke ...

Is Your Office Medical Kit Stocked Correctly?

Even for offices with fewer than five employees, you need to be prepared to deal with medical emergencies. In fact, you could be prosecuted if you don’t comply. Legal Requirements The law states that offices and work premises of all sizes are legally ...

5 Things You Need To Know About Marijuana

A discussion on marijuana can be a very complicated one. For a long time marijuana has been thought of almost exclusively as a drug. Technically the word drug means any substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into ...

Milwaukee Orthopedic Specialists For Children And Pediatric Scoliosis

Milwaukee plays home to several health systems, most of which cater to cases of pediatric orthopedics. Although there is a children’s hospital dedicated to the medical needs and requirements of the pediatric population of the state, other hospitals ...

10 Common Myths About Drug Addiction

There are a lot of myths surrounding drug use and addiction and some of them simply aren’t true. The problem with perpetuating false myths is that they can prevent people from making positive changes in their lives. On the other hand, when one understands ...

What Causes Acne? Know Some Factors

What Causes Acne? Know Some Factors

What causes acne? It is a difficult question to answer. Some doctors believe that it results from some related factors. One significant factor is growing hormone levels. The male sex hormones, called androgens, increase in both girls and boys during the age of puberty plus can cause the greasy glands to increase and make much more sebum. One more factor Read more »

Know What Causes Hiccups

Know What Causes Hiccups

Hiccups are resulted by sudden involuntary spasms, and pressing of the dome shaped muscle partition that separates the abdominal cavity and the chest. This partition, known as the diaphragm, is important for breathing. But what causes hiccups? Many factors may contribute to the hiccups. Actually, irritation to those nerves controlling normal diaphragm Read more »

What Is Gout and What Causes Gout?

What Is Gout and What Causes Gout?

Gout is an illness characterized by a uric acid abnormal metabolism, causing an immoderation of uric acid in blood and the tissues. People with gout produce a lot of much uric acid or they can’t remove it. There are many possible consequences of the uric acid buildup, including chronic and acute gouty arthritis, kidney stones, plus local uric Read more »